Dr. Mangesh Karandikar

After being in business for about 16 years, I found my calling in teaching. I am Director of one of the most prestigious media institutes in India, MET Institute of Media Studies. My core areas of teaching, study and research are Digital Marketing, Digital Filmmaking, Visual Communication, Communication Theory and New Media.
I designed and programmed the world's first app to learn Communication and Media theories - Edusanchar - available on Google Playstore.
I am also a trekker, an amateur flautist and painter, and I also dabble with clay modelling. I love to play the harmonica, a handy instrument to carry.

Edusanchār More About Me

  • My research papers and thesis

  • It's all about Team Work... do have a look at this short film

  • I write on stories in Indian media. Do check out my blog

  • I make a Ganpati idol every year. This year I helped making 100. Ganpati Bappa Morya!


Mangesh Karandikar's Research Articles I studied the media convergence and communication features in websites of political parties in India to earn my doctorate. The Ph.D. research opened up several areas which I am now pursuing, mainly visual communication, communication and media theory and new media. Click on the picture or click here to read some of my articles,

Video on Teamwork

Mangesh Karandikar's YouTube Channel

While stepping out of my car one day, I saw a fascinating sight. I quickly grabbed my camera and went on shooting. The result is this video / short film on team building, which is actually used in management schools. Have a look....

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Mangesh Karandikar's Blog

Being in business of printing, graphic designing, web designing, multimedia programming and then making corporate films gave me an insight for which I feel very forunate. I am a witness and a participant in the media revolution that happened during the last 20 years. I share some interesting stories and anecdotes in my blog.

My paintings

Mangesh Karandikar's Research ArticlesWhen I get the mood, I do love to paint. I paint anything that comes to my mind. Sometimes from memory, sometimes with a model....


Mangesh Karandikar's YouTube Channel

I love taking photographs. I may not be a professsional photographer, but I do know what I want. Have a look....


Mangesh Karandikar's Blog

In Marathi, an Indian language, Sanchār means mobility. Edusanchār is a series of apps designed for mobile devices. Edusanchār hopes to completely redefine mobile learning, especially for higher education in media studies. .