After completing my post-graduation in Zoology, I worked in pharmaceutical sales for a few years. But in 1990, I got acquainted to this wonderful machine called the Computer. This changed everything for me and from a zoologist, I quickly became a graphic designer and started my business in 1992. I soon ventured into programming, web designing and then into multimedia designing and programming. I have several websites, corporate films and documentaries to my credit.

After being in business for about 16 years, I found my calling in teaching, where I have the chance to nurture young minds, share my experience with them about the big, bad world of media and communication. I am now Director of MET Institute of Masss Media, one of the most prestigious media institutes in India. My core areas of teaching, study and research are Visual Communication, Communication Theory and New Media.

When I generally want to make life uncomfortable for others, I play the mouth organ, blow into my flute and run my fingers over the synthesizer. I do acrylics and try to make decipherable objects using clay and plaster. And I love trekking!